Dubai Yacht

Super Yacht San Lorenzo Bellum

Yacht Information

300,000 - 330,000 $ (Week)
Low Season / High Season

The Superyacht 500Exp “Para Bellum” not only redefines luxury living but does so across diverse and breathtaking destinations throughout the year. Crafted for those who seek uncompromising excellence, this exceptional yacht is designed to mesmerize across the seasons.

The “Para Bellum” is not just a static work of art; it’s a moving experience. With a highly trained crew, this superyacht ensures seamless and memorable journeys along the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean sea.

Para Bellum Yacht Design

The “Para Bellum” epitomizes elegance in every curve and detail. Its exterior design of smooth, modern lines harmoniously contrasts with the majesty of Dubai’s skyscrapers. The fusion of ultra-modern materials and traditional craftsmanship results in a floating architectural masterpiece that rises above expectations.

Step into an oasis of sophistication and comfort. The interiors of the Superyacht 500Exp are a symphony of luxury, featuring exquisite marbles, noble woods, and gold accents that create an exclusive ambiance. Private suites, each with panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, offer a haven of privacy and indulgent luxury.

Highlighted Features:
  • 360-Degree Sky Lounge: Revel in the celestial view of Dubai from the Sky Lounge, an exclusive space offering unparalleled vistas and an unmatched social experience.
  • Infinity Pool on the Main Deck: Immerse yourself in luxury with an infinity pool that seems to merge with the horizon, creating a sublime relaxation experience.
  • Open-Air Cinema: Enjoy private screenings under the stars in the open-air cinema, where the sea breeze mingles with the magic of cinema.
  • World-Class Spa: Recharge body and mind in our spa equipped with cutting-edge wellness facilities and exclusive treatments.
Guest Cabins
  • 1 Master Room
  • 6 Rooms
  • 9 Crew


Length / Beam
47 M / 9,60 M
2x 970 kw
San Lorenzo