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Charters in Dubai

Rent Ferretti 780 Dubai

Luxury Class


Yacht Ferretti 780

Cruise into opulence and tranquility aboard the Ferretti 780 – Bella 3, where every moment unfolds as a splendid celebration of the extraordinary, making memories that last a lifetime.

5.000 AED/Hour
Rent San Lorenzo yacht bellum in Dubai

Luxury Class


S. Yacht San Lorenzo Bellum

Opulent marbles, fine woods, and gold touches, crafting an exclusive atmosphere. Private suites, boasting panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, provide a secluded haven of indulgence.

Pershing 5x dubai charter

Luxury Class


Yacht Pershing 5X

An impeccable blend of swiftness, elegance, and state-of-the-art technology, the Pershing 5X transcends being merely a vessel; it stands as an emblem of nautical excellence.  

AED /Day
Santoni charter in dubai and emirates

Luxury Class


Pershing 80 - Halley

Unveiling the luxurious 35m/114’10” ‘Azure Oasis’ yacht, meticulously crafted by the esteemed Logos Marine shipyard. Now open for exclusive hourly charters in the mesmerizing city of Dubai.


Pershing 70 rental charter dubai

Luxury Class


Yacht Pershing 70

The Pershing 70 epitomizes the Pershing brand’s dedication to unparalleled quality. For those in search of an exclusive retreat. A gateway to unmatched luxury on the open waters.

Kona charter Dubai

Luxury Class


Yacht Kona 110

An unforgettable experience. The Kona 110 is capable of hosting up to 80 guests. Whether orchestrating a grand celebration or a cozy retreat, the vessel is primed to exceed your expectations.


Luxury Class


Yacht Predator 84 - Ariyas

Embark on a sensorial adventure enhanced by enchanting underwater lighting, imparting a magical allure to the azure depths. Create an ideal ambiance with our immersive sound system.


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